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Medasource is committed to assisting you with getting clinicians ‘Home On Time,’ through a proven EHR efficiency program that produces quick results at a lower cost. This data-driven program is aimed at improving clinician satisfaction and EHR efficiency with the system as designed, creating more time for clinicians to care for their patients and communities. This means fewer clicks, reduced physician burnout and more free time.

The Problem

According to the AMA, the pandemic has pushed US physician burnout to an all-time high of 63% and satisfaction to a historic low with 28% of US physicians unhappy with their current role (September 15, 2022) (May 17, 2022).
Source: American Medical Association Article, Sept. 2022; American Medical Association Article, May 2022

The Solution

Home On Time: an EHR-agnostic, multistate, multi-disciplinary program.

The Outcome

Recapture 3 hours per provider per week of free time on average.

What we Provide

The Home On Time Program is tailored to your organization’s specific needs and customized for an optimal experience.

Implementation Team

KPI Dashboard

Program Launch Roadmap

Transition Toolkit

Go Forward Playbook

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