With each new advancement in technology comes a new point of vulnerability. Since 2012, Medasource has helped our partners navigate the ever-changing technological landscape of the medical and healthcare industry. Whether it be Software, Data, Digital, or Clinical Engineering services, Medasource has the proven experience to ensure the success of your organization.

Medasource’s active sourcing model allows us to continuously add high caliber consultants to our network and keep up to date on emerging technologies. We truly will be your partner at every step of your technological transformation.

Enterprise Applications

In an ever-evolving digital world, implementing, modernizing, and optimizing mission critical software is a complex, but vital component of every organization. Whether it be an EHR, ERP, CRM implementation/optimization – or a custom designed software solution; Medasource will lead your organization from the assessment phase, through design, implementation, and activation.

Data, Analytics, & Intelligence

From streamlining operations to advancing precision medicine, data is the key to an exceptional future. We partner with our clients to comprehensively understand their business objectives and translate data into impactful, real-world results.

We can assist you in transforming your organization by implementing an enterprise data strategy, delivering modern data platforms, creating stunning dashboards, and building novel AI solutions. Grounded in strategic thinking, these advancements unlock new opportunities to mitigate costs, accelerate innovation, and improve patient care.

Digital Products & Solutions

Healthcare had already begun its digital revolution, but the last several years have accelerated and pushed digital to the forefront. Any organizational shift is challenging, but a Digital Transformation brings additional layers of complexity. We can guide you through the chaos and help you transform your enterprise to bring access to the patient.

Whether it’s leading your digital transformation, designing net new digital products/solutions, or implementing a CRM to increase patient engagement; we can help transform your enterprise to a digital-forward organization with access to care at the click of a button.

Cloud & Operations

A secure and scalable Cloud platform is vital to maintain business agility and reliability. The Cloud journey, though, can be complex and successful implementation requires deep expertise.

With almost a decade of experience supporting Cloud transitions across multiple industries, we have the expertise to partner together on your Cloud transformation. Using a pragmatic approach, we provide your organization direction and clarity to avoid potential roadblocks along the way while also successfully achieving a streamlined environment, regardless of using a Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud model.

End-User Device Services & ITSM

With technology’s increasing prevalence, your business needs adaptable tools to thrive. This challenge is complex and non-trivial, given the growing number of device models, their types (desktop, tablet, laptop, smartphone), and the number of simultaneously supported operating systems. We strive to reshape your business model to align with a digitally transformed world.

We begin by evaluating your company’s day-to-day processes and experiences to discover where innovative tech tools can help you increase efficiency and cut costs. We ensure our IT capabilities enrich and enhance your business, transitioning it for success in an age when new technology emerges every day.

Whether we are leveraged for a ServiceNow implementation, Infrastructure Readiness via TDR, or a device refresh as you upgrade to Windows 11; our EUD service is targeted to reduce the total cost of ownership of user devices while increasing security, standardization, and accessibility.


As digital solutions become increasingly standardized, the threat impact in turn becomes global. Cybersecurity in healthcare is vital to protecting information from threats such as ransomware pirates targeting medical and billing records.

From neutralizing known and new zero-day threats to securing critical patient data, we specialize in helping to keep you in compliance and out of the headlines. The best security is proactive and ever vigilant, yet responsive enough to quickly take action against immediate and emerging risk. We tailor our solutions to protect your organization’s data and maintain patient confidentiality.

Merger & Acquisition Integration

Amidst dramatic shifts in business, clinical, and operating models, the healthcare sector is striving to deliver more effective care at a lower price. One recent trend in this regard is the movement toward a larger footprint, control of all points of access to care, and the ability to offer services in all phases of patient care.

This has primarily been achieved through M&A as smaller hospitals and independent physician groups fuse into larger health care systems to realize economies of scale. With over a decade of experience in supporting enterprise-scale M&A, we will provide your organization with comprehensive support across the continuum of M&A activity. This begins with an environment assessment, continues with a roadmap for integration, and finishes with execution.

CDTS – Clinical Device Technology Services

As the advancement of medical technology aims to further connect clinical assets with enterprise provider networks, our CDTS suite of services offers a full menu of Biomedical, IT/IS, Cybersecurity, and Facilities engineering support structures. Utilizing advisory data analytics and strategic project management, our cross-trained field of CE-IT professionals will cultivate your clinical asset environment for the integrated future.

Project & Change Management

Strong Project and Change Management are imperative to successfully delivering on any project, especially when the there is a large impact to the business. In order to achieve success, we partner deeply with our clients to understand the organization’s culture, tools, and business objectives.

We start by learning the current environment, organizational structure, and existing tools/practices. From there, we will work to adapt our processes to fit the unique needs of our client. We will deliver standardized best practices across the enterprise which includes easy-to-use tools and documentation, an optimized change management and communication strategy, as well as a centralized repository to enable shared visibility to empower the organization and its people.

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