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Business Applications

Navigating the obstacles of implementing and integrating ERP systems and other corporate/enterprise applications is no easy feat. But with our network of seasoned, niche consultants, we can help your organization reach its goals in terms of quality, time, and cost with the right mix of bandwidth and expertise.

Project Management

It’s essential that the software supporting the backbone of your organization—finance, legal, procurement, supply chain, etc.—is implemented successfully and maintained responsibly with minimal downtime. From upgrades, rewrites, and full rip and replace, our project managers and advisory services establish success in everything from system selection to needs assessment to scope definition, workstream planning, and overall project execution.


Although all healthcare organizations are different, our years in the industry have taught us that a definitive approach to tackling each one’s needs leads to careful customization consideration, ensuring minimal impact to the end-user. Our mindset starts from the end product and works backward to protect the integrity of the project, including architecture, design, build, testing, and adoption through stabilization.

Legacy Support

When doing a major rip and replace of ERP or CRM applications, maintaining legacy support is vital. While new systems are being built and implemented, our legacy application consultants are working hard to provide ongoing assistance to maintain existing applications until it’s ready to sunset.

Data Migration

Converting discrete and non-discrete data from one system to another can be cumbersome. Our team of seasoned experts can assist from planning to execution and deliver accurate results in a timely fashion.

Classroom Training

We eliminate adoption fear by providing in-depth training and education programs developed by our training consultants. Through well-designed curriculums, e-learning platforms, and classroom trainings, we ensure your team is set from start to finish—including Go-Lives, where we provide at-the-elbow support to secure project success.

Command Center Services

Good things come in pairs, which is why we usually couple our Go-Live services with centralized command centers, helping gain efficiencies and save money. This service creates a triage to tickets during the rollout, and we’re here to provide extended support pre- and post-live through stabilization.

Go-Live Support

We're proud to be top-rated by KLAS for Go-Live support. We have successfully supported activations of any kind, any size with deep "at-the-elbow" expertise and specialized provider support leading up to and continuing after cutover.

Ongoing Maintenance

There is plenty of work to be done even after a successful ERP implementation. Although optimization is top of mind, we know production support needs attention while upgrades and installations of new applications approach. From ticket backlogs to system checks, we’ll support your current teams in post-live maintenance operations.

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