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Medasource Leadership Team

Mike Finnegan

Mike Finnegan


Mike’s experience in healthcare technology spans more than 16 years and includes everything from EHR, ERP, Revenue Cycle, and Population Health Technologies. Having partnered with more than 100 of the largest healthcare organizations in the country, Mike deeply understands the unique complexities of healthcare systems, as well as the people who run them. He’s sat as President of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and has been credentialed as a Certified Professional in Health Information Technology by HIMSS.

When Mike isn't pursuing his passion in making Medasource a leader in Healthcare IT, he's out for a morning run or playing outdoors with his two kids.

Mike Finnegan

Patrick Zimmerman

Vice President, Operations

Patrick knows technology. With over 16 years of experience in Business Development, Delivery, and Tech Operations, he brings vast knowledge to Medasource, overseeing personnel and strategy on a national level. Being with us from the start, he’s helped the company grow from a startup to a well-known leader in the HIT consulting industry. Patrick is locally involved with the Indianapolis HIMSS chapter as well as the American Cancer Society and the Penrod Society.

If it's sunny in Indianapolis, you can find Patrick on the golf course. He'd prefer to spend a day on the green with Bill Murray, but is still waiting for an invite.

Mike Finnegan

Ryan Bulan

Vice President

Ryan oversees Client Partnerships and Business Development, assisting with innovation, strategy, and customer experience. Which makes sense—he’s had more than 15 years of consulting experience, the latter 10 being in Health IT. He’s worked with systems and payers nationwide, helping them deliver on projects seamlessly and successfully.

​Ryan is an adventurer at heart and one day would like to venture to Iceland, Norway, or Alaska with his wife and kids to see the Aurora Borealis.

Mike Finnegan

Adarsh Modi

Vice President

Adarsh brings 15 years of consulting experience, overseeing Medasource’s national Business Development Program. His comprehension of large enterprises, experience working with Fortune 500s, and large healthcare systems makes him an unstoppable force in ensuring high levels of service for partners and customers.

Adarsh's bucket list is filled with places he wants to travel and explore. Mexico City is one he's particularly excited about crossing off later this year.

Mike Finnegan

Mike Haas

Director, Business Development

Mike’s been helping pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, and healthcare clients successfully execute clinical and scientific projects for more than five years. As Director of Business Development, he uses this experience to help propel Medasource clients to the next level.

Mike lives by his mantra: control your day, don't let it control you. This mentality plays a large role in his success at Medasource.

Mike Finnegan

Alexis Spooner

Director, Delivery

Alexis is the eyes of Medasource, overseeing the day-to-day operations of our national delivery office, as well as managing all large-scale projects. Since starting with us in 2013, her attention to detail and precision have helped ensure our delivery team is coordinating the appropriate bandwidth and resources for client engagements across the country.

Alexis loves sushi and when the weather's right, she can be found walking her dog, Roscoe.